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My Story

Behind the Scenes

There is no such thing as "coincidence". My interest was piqued while working as a lawyer at one of Australia's top corporate law firms. On a departmental evening out, a gifted colleague gave me a glimpse of insight...

Moving back to London a year later, I contracted tuberculosis whilst working at a global law firm. Some would see TB as a set back (and don't get me wrong, it wasn't exactly a walk in the park) but it was the most momentous knock on my door, to date, to make me re-evaluate what I was doing with my life. Law had been a solid career choice but I always felt there was something more fulfilling and thrilling in store for me.


A nudge from a brilliant intuitive guide towards an extraordinary acupuncturist led me to amass an ever increasing library of life-changing books. In time, I immersed myself in healing modality courses, mindset coaching and the overall refinement of my intuitive abilities, which included completion of accredited courses, participating in workshops and attending events with the likes of Deepak Chopra (author of "Quantum Healing" and "Synchrodestiny"), Lynne McTaggart (author of "The Intention Experiment"), Brian Weiss (author of "Through Time into Healing"), James van Praagh (author of "The Power of Love: Connecting to the Oneness") and Julia Cameron (author of "The Artists Way"). Every incremental  building block fell into perfect place.


In early 2009 I took a leap of faith (one of many to come) and left the law. I opened my Harley Street practice and worked with film directors, actors, musicians, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, Royalty and academics across the globe. My family and I moved to Berlin several years later, where my work continues.

This series of twists and turns wove into that very story that my gifted Australia colleague had predicted. Every single step on this journey was instrumental at the exact time to create a fulfilling way of being. The "coincidences" continue to unfold.

In Brief

I am a passionate Mindset Coach and Intuitive Guide with over 12 years experience. I have been honoured to work with a broad range of professionals, from film directors, producers, actors, musicians, writers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, Royalty and academics across the globe.


My professional background as a lawyer allows me to thoroughly  analyse your current situation with discernment and professionalism. I then incorporate a sharply refined level of intuition, in which I may receive pictures, messages or feelings to shed further light on matters. Combining that with my highly trained coaching skillset, I provide clear guidance to help you deliver your best in all areas of life.

Rani  Klockner


Your Success

In a safe, caring and confidential environment, I help professionals who feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed to reach a place of deep clarity and knowing in any area of life.


By drawing on modalities such as mindset coaching, energy work and intuitive guidance, I will guide you to deliver your best by gaining:

1. Insight

Through talking and intuitive guidance, we dive deep into the root of your issues to identify what blocks or limiting beliefs are holding you back.


2. Clarity

We explore your subconscious belief systems and how they influence your day-to-day life. You realise that the consequences of perceived limitations hold back opportunities for growth and abundance.

3. Resolution

Using various mindset techniques, we unravel the unhelpful life patterns and re-frame them into uplifting and positive ones. Everything aligns for lasting change. 

Being the most 


Sessions are based on an energy of:


love, trust, honour and the greatest of respect 

Work With Me

1 on 1

Power Sessions

A 90 minute power session, in person or via Zoom or Skype, for those who already have a clear, focused intention for our work together.

Four weekly 90 minute sessions, in person or via Zoom or Skype, for those who are sure that they want something (s) to change in their life but can't yet identify a clear goal or may have several goals.

Transformational Package


"Soul level healing"

"Rani has a rare gift to connect deeply with her clients and quickly hone in on the deeper levels and issues. Her coaching skills far surpass other learned coaching methods and go to the core issues to help her clients move forward.


There is a depth, a sense of mystique and a soul-level healing to her coaching. She guides without pressure and engages you to change with a gentle ease. Rani is an accomplished artist, but perhaps her greatest art is that of coaching and facilitating growth and change in her clients. And you feel a bit like a newly polished and fine-tuned art work when you emerge from her coaching sessions!"


(Professor of Film)

"Soul level healing"

"Connection is more than real"

"I would like to thank you for your time, energy, connectivity and love. Many things have become clear. After working with you, I let go of a lot of baggage and am now editing the film that you were, no doubt, instrumental to helping me unlock (amongst other things, I might add)... your connection is more than real and I am ever so grateful for your help and guidance."


(Award winning script writer & film director)

"Amazing insight"

"Rani doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to picking up on a word or a feeling that may open the door into the deeper reasons for certain problems. She consistently brings you back and gently helps you shine a light on things you never thought were contributing factors...and all of a sudden, it’s as clear as day!

She has immense empathy without letting you wallow in self pity and is your biggest encourager (if that’s a word) to unashamedly embrace the healthiest and most grounding forms of self love, self appreciation, non-judgmental emotional intelligence and deeply empowering self celebration.

After my sessions with her and a ‘mulling over day or two’ I felt multiple doors open in my mind and I had the tools to keep them so when old past beliefs/fears tried to shut them back.

Couldn’t rave about Rani and her amazing insight more!"


(Haute Couture fashion designer)

"Rani's grace and skill is a true gift. Since working with her I've got to the bottom of, and resolved some pretty stubborn issues, and am on my way to unravelling and releasing many more energies and patterns that don't work for me in my life. Rani makes you feel at once safe to explore those unhelpful or painful patterns, and excited to know that positive, powerful change is possible - and actually inevitable - in her sessions.


"Powerful Change"

"Rare and true gift"

"It is always difficult to find the right person to talk to about a personal issue. I am so fortunate to have found Rani. She immediately put me at ease and from the moment the session began I knew I was in safe hands. Rani has a true gift for the work she does and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking to create a real difference in their lives."


(Therapist & coach)

"Having had a difficult year, Rani was able to relax me.  She has a very calming, soothing and empathetic manner which instantly made me trust her. 


Since we did some intuitively guided work together three weeks ago, several massive life changing events have slotted neatly into place, leaving me to wonder how much was by chance and how much had had a helping hand....I can't recommend her highly enough."


(Civil servant)

"Life changing events"

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