Rani Klöckner - Hypnotherapist, ThetaHealing and HypnoBirthing Practitioner in South Kensington, London and Stuttgart, Germany

Rani Klöckner
ThetaHealing® Practitioner
HypnoBirthing® Practitioner

London, UK
Stuttgart, Germany
+44 (0)7746 821 877
+49 (0)1785 917 252
Email: info@raniklockner.com

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Rani Klöckner - Hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing and ThetaHealing Practitioner in South Kensington, London and Stuttgart, Germany


On a subconscious level, beliefs and feelings influence the way we see and interact with the world around us, and, if negative, may present themselves as obstacles, blocks and/or poor health. All of Rani's work is aimed at re-aligning the way we interact with the world to better fulfil our objectives for personal success and wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy and Theta Healing® are graceful means to bring about positive change in life. By communicating directly with the subconscious mind, one can access and change limiting belief systems and feelings, resulting in the desired changes in the conscious mind.

HypnoBirthing® - the Mongan Method is a wonderful childbirth preparation programme utilising self-hypnosis tools, education, relaxation and breathing techniques to facilitate a more comfortable and joyous birth. Rani is affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute.

Rani provides a safe, caring and confidential environment in which she guides people to achieve their life's goals.

"If we change our perceptions, we can change our biology."
Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

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